Ruinart – The First of Champagne | 香檳界始祖

Ruinart – The First of Champagne | 香檳界始祖

The world is forgetful. Ruinart, the first ever champagne house since 1729, remains to be a subtle, low-profile and underrated Champagne brand. As the adage goes, highbrow begets solitude. Their unconventional bottle, often much shorter yet broader, is actually a tribute to the historic ones used in the 18th century. Besides, as the emblem of Ruinart, Blanc de Blanc lies in its very soul. Arrogance or Determination? Obstinateness or Nostalgia? Numbers will tell.

世界是如此善忘。作為史上第一個香檳品牌,Ruinart仍然保持一貫的低調和淡雅。俗語有云,曲高和寡。 其中,Ruinart又矮又胖的酒瓶顯然與別不同,這是因為她沿用18世紀時的設計。而且,Ruinart以比較冷門的Blanc de Blanc作生招牌。



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