Size does matter! | 大小之分

Size does matter! | 大小之分

If you are a lan kwai fong-habitué, or live long enough in Hong Kong, you may have heard of a night club namely Magnum. (Not an ad.) More than a showy emblem, Magnum actually refers to one of the sizes of a Champagne bottle (See Figure). Typically, a Magnum-size Champagne would offer twelve servings – or one. The size apparently determines the amount of liquor; Meanwhile, it also affects the quality to a lesser extent. In general, the larger the bottle, the better the quality.

For your kind information, the largest size possible at this moment is 15L, ostentatiously named Nebuchadnezzar.

Size 尺碼 Volume 容量
Split ¼ Bottle
Half ½ Bottle
Standard 1 Bottle
Magnum 2 Bottles
Jeroboam 4 Bottles

如果你是蘭桂坊常客,或者在香港居住過一段時間,你應聽聞過一間名Magnum 的夜店。Magnum 其實是香檳樽其中一個尺碼(見圖)。普遍來說,Magnum碼的香檳可以供十二人飲用 - 或者一人。誠然,尺碼決定了香檳的份量,但其實也會稍微影響香檳的質素。一般而言,香檳樽愈大,質素愈好。



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