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Idealistic and Precise

The lack of marketing strategies put Billecart-Salmon aside of the limelight, yet the fairy touch of delicacy and state-of-the-art vinification methods took the crowd by surprise.

Billecart-Salmon radar

Elegant and Humble.

Bequeathed a sophisticated legacy, Bollinger is the connotation of inimitable elegance and superior quality. Her exceptional craftsmanship, precision and heritage were envinced by the Royal Warrant.

Bollinger radar

Emblematic and Imaginative.

Named after its founder, Charles Hiedsieck is the first one to bring champagne into America. Ambitious, Bold and Charismatic, this is the bottle of Empire State.

charles radar

Energetic and Fashionable

Despite her early establishment in 1760, Delamotte upheld her vim and vigour in the midst of multiple corporate structurings - A rising star with a long-standing foothold indeed.

Delamotte radar

Unyielding and Enduring

Widely crowned as the King of Champagne, Dom Pérignon rose to her fame in the late 90s by refraining herself from making non-vintage wines. Each vintage is a distinct act of creation and an endless quest for excellence.

Dom Perignon radar

Longevous and Extravagant

With the most expensive non-vintage in the world, Krug is arguably second to none. Her obsession with details, magnificent longevity and relentless pursuit of quality secure the position at the pinnacle of Champagnes.

Krug radar

Visionary and Conscientious

Being innovative in multiple ways, Laurent-Perrier spearheaded some of the industry practices. Interestingly enough, Laurent-Perrier is also very committed to sustainability and environment – a house of high social awareness.

Laurent Perrier radar

Perfectionist and Artistic

If there is a role for artist in Champagne, it will no doubt be Louis Roederer. Often fastidious, Louis Roederer conquers wine-lovers with her absolute perfectionism.

Louis Roederer radar

Flamboyant and Colossal

As a brand that is reminiscence of Champagne, Moët is one of the biggest names beyond the wine industry. The only thing that someone will argue is the pronunciation of the brand.

Moet radar

Romantic and Steadfast

Whilst the brand name implies a subtle sense of French romance, Perrier-Jouët has been very loyal to refining floral elegance in her Champagnes. As a lover, who can resist?

Perrier Jouet radar

Subtle and Dedicated

Champagne is often associated with luxury yet in Pol Roger, everyone from growers to contract workers is well respected. This bonding, coupled with uncompromising production philosophy, sets Pol Roger apart.

Pol Roger radar

Traditional and Composed

Despite the association with LVMH, Ruinart lurks in the furtive realm of Champagne. Being the pioneer in Champagne and the only one using glass bottles, Ruinart remained a highly respected brand in the industry.

Ruinart radar

Innovative and Lively

Easily recognizable for its mango-orange livery, Veuve Clicquot has undergone dramatic developments to improve quality whilst maintaining the house’s full-bodied, pinot-focused style. 

Veuve Clicquot radar