We provide complimentary services to all our clients who purchase wines from us.

Choice of Gifts

Not sure what to get for your friend? We have you covered. After tasting all the champagnes in our portfolio, we summarised the personalities and uniqueness of each house. We also provide complimentary tailored solutions.

Food Wine Pairing

It is widely agreed that food wine pairing is both art and science. A perfect match could synergise the counterparts whilst a dispelling one could be disastrous. We provide complimentary wine recommendations with respect to your lunch/dinner set.

wine event

Event Management

A good champagne is good whilst a good champagne with company is magnificent. We experienced the joy yet efforts required in organising a wine event. Count on us - we provide complimentary event management services for wine-tasting, parties and many more.

Next Step

In fact, we provide more services than these. Should you have any wine-related needs or inquiry, please feel free to contact us.