Moscato v Champagne | 麝香酒與香檳

Moscato v Champagne | 麝香酒與香檳

A friend of mine text me another night, featuring a well embellished bottle of wine, and asked me if this “champagne” is legit.

“Bro, that’s not a champagne. It’s a Moscato, an Italian sparkling wine. Usually, it is pretty sweet, if not too sweet, with low alcohol content and served with dessert. As a rule of thumb, you can find the word champagne on every champagne.”

12 hours later.

“Sorry bro, I blacked out. What’s that photo?”

Champagne (French) Moscato (Italian)
Made of Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Pinot Meunier Made of Muscat grapes
~12.5% alcohol content 5 – 7% alcohol content
8 – 10 g/L sugar dosage 50 – 100 g/L sugar dosage





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