How sweet are you? | 你有幾甜?

How sweet are you? | 你有幾甜?

Sweetness is one of the most distinctive features of Champagne. Occasionally, many of you may have come across the word Brut on the bottle. So what does Brut mean? You may wonder it is another euphemism in French but it actually refers to the dryness of the sparkling wine. The drier the sparkling wine, the less sweet.

Rating 評級 Sugar Content 糖份
Brut Nature 0 – 3 g/L
Extra Brut 3 – 6 g/L
Brut 6 – 12 g/L
Extra Dry/Dry 12 – 32 g/L
Demi-Sec 32 – 50 g/L

P.S. If you do not see any rating on your dear bottle, well, don’t even bother…

甜度是香檳其中一項最重要的特徵。大家享用香檳的時候,偶爾會留意到 Brut 這個字。那究竟這個字是什麼意思呢? 你可能會認為此字又是一個百思不解的法語,其實它是指有氣洒的乾度。瓶酒愈乾,甜度也就愈低,反之亦然。
後記: 如果你瓶酒沒標示乾度,那…還是算罷…


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