First Step of Every Champagne | 香檳的第一步

First Step of Every Champagne | 香檳的第一步

The first step of making champagne resembles the production of any wine – Pressing. All grapes are handpicked and gently pressed to generate the arguably most premium fruit juice. Pressing is crucial because any heedlessness may stain the crystal-clear liquid. By law, only the first 2,550L of juice from every four tonnes of grapes could be put in use. And the purest, finest juice produced during pressing occurs in the middle, known as coeur de la cuvée.

跟其他葡萄酒一樣,製造香檳的第一步就是壓搾。在香檳區,每枚葡萄都是人手採摘然後慢慢壓搾,提煉出可能是世界上最矜貴的果汁。壓搾之所以舉輕若重是因為稍有差池就把清澈的果汁染色。法律規定,只每四公噸葡萄的首2,550公升的果汁能夠使用。而最純淨、最優質的果汁只會出現在壓搾過程的中段,稱為coeur de la cuvée。


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