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Champagnia is an open and innovative platform for champagne fanatics and fanatics-to-be to share and learn the joy and stories of champagne. Our products and services include champagne retail, wine advisory and event management.

In this magical place, we envision to connect our clients with the suitable champagnes, popularize champagnes in local market, and advocate champagne culture in Hong Kong. To achieve our aspiration, we also publish regular articles regarding champagne's history, etiquettes and brands, hopefully wiping away your Monday blue.  Stay tuned!

Champagne has long been a cultural heritage. With its deep-rooted history, production advancement and impeccable flavour, Champagne has become one of the most popular savours of all times. There are way too many reasons to fall in love with Champagne – flaunting your extravagant lifestyle, splashing your dear friends or it’s simply too good to resist. Most of all, Champagne always connotes to happiness!

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在這個魔幻的地方,我們希望為客人選擇適合的香檳、令香檳更加大眾化以及宜揚香檳文代。我們亦會定期撰寫關於香檳歷史、禮儀、品牌的文章,讓你沉醉於金黃色的氣泡裡。Stay tuned!

香檳酒素來為一種文化遺產。隨著生產方法的不斷優化、根深柢固的歷史和不能抗拒的味道,香檳酒已成為世界上其中一樣最受歡迎的美酒。要鍾愛香檳酒的理由實在太多 – 炫耀你的生活態度、跟朋友慶祝樂事 (然後弄濕他們),或者只是太好喝了吧。總言之,香檳就是快樂!